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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dos and Donts

Who cannot receive treatments?

  • Pregnant or nursing mothers

  • Active cancer patients

  • Cardiac Issues individuals

  • Infected, inflamed, swollen skin

  • Metallic implant (pacemaker)

How many sessions will I need?

Every individual person is different and the recommended treatment for someone can range from 4-10 treatments depending on the state of the body prior to the initial treatment.

How to prepare for my appointment?

  • Please show up to your appointment with clean skin

  • Wear clothes that can be worked around such a loose fitting clothes

  • Prior to your appointment please drink 1-2 water of bottles one hour prior to your body sculpting services

How to book if you have a Groupon voucher

If you have a Groupon voucher please press pay in person as we will use your Groupon voucher the day of your service.

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